Episode 230: The Wager

I’ve missed the show since February and these months since have been invaluable in reflecting and recalibrating how I approach it. Here are my thoughts, coming out of that period.


Today marks a unique day for the podcast. With a few exceptions, the show has been weekly for the last four and a half years and I’ve decided to take a break for a few months. The choice was a difficult one to make, because I’ve taken great pride in putting out a consistent and thoroughly-edited show. But as with anything we pour time and effort into, that energy and dedicated moments have to come from somewhere. And as I try to produce a clean, polished and thought-provoking product, I’ve found myself more taxed by the process in recent months. I hope to use these next few months to relax, reflect and recenter my relationship to every aspect of the podcast. Regardless, I know I will miss various elements of the creative process and I hope you’ll all be patient during this period.

Episode 229: Between These Eyes of Ink V

Politicians depend on good guesswork, not on understanding, in steering the state on the right course. They are just like soothsayers and prophets, who say much that is true but understand nothing of what they are saying.
— Plato

This week, we return to "Between These Eyes of Ink," a series which dissects and considers quotations and the insights they contain. For our fifth episode, we welcome Sam Whipple to help explore Plato’s thoughts on how politicians rely upon good guesswork. Do societies expect complete understanding from our leaders? Do we foist it onto them so that we need not pursue the truth? Are leaders who are honest about their ignorance more trustworthy and relatable?

Episode 228: To Be Truthful

Truth represents a foundational element in human life. Whether religious, personal, psychological or scientific, many of us live our lives in pursuit of or relationship to truths around us. We try to define, contain and create them. But what does it mean to live in a truthful way? Is it as simple as expressing truthful thoughts to others? This week, we’re joined by Dan Farina to reflect upon what it means to be truthful. What do truthful actions look and feel like? Is our society structured in a “truthful” way?

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Episode 227: The Fear of Failure

We are each motivated by a bevy of ideas, instincts and influences around us. Some of us have dreams of changing the world while others want to attempt the impossible and still others hope for happiness and humility first and foremost. But what about the downfalls that we avoid in both thought and action? This week, we welcome Eric Cunningham to examine the fear of failure. How does it prevent us from reaching further? Why does it persist? How do others instill it within us?