Episode 213: The Fear of Failure - Learning

As fallible and flawed creatures, human beings are bound to eventual mistakes and errors. For some of us, the fear of failing stops us in our tracks and stops any momentum whatsoever. This week, we welcome Eric Cunningham to explore how the fear of failure relates specifically to learning. What might this fear prevent us from realizing in ourselves? How does fear affect the way we approach learning or new information as we're exposed to different ideas or circumstances?

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Episode 212: The Quicksand of Professionalism

In an effort to preserve our various traits and qualities as people, many of us strive for a work/life balance between our professional and personal selves. But in the larger context of our world and its economy, professional (and associated productive) behavior can be treated as more crucial to one’s value. How can professionally-oriented attitudes cast shadows on the practices (unprofessional or otherwise) of our personal lives. Is truly free and personal time threatened by the demands of a professional mindset? Should a workplace extend empathy to it’s employees and their varied lives?

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Episode 211: Our Fourth Anniversary

Today (technically two days prior, on the 24th) marks four years of work put into Stride & Saunter. It has been and remains a pleasure to explore the world of humanity and its circumstances with and for all of you. Thank you for all of the listening, reflection and community you provide. I feel a profound sense of honor in producing these conversations to share with all of you.

In love,

Episode 210: "Politicians Don't Need New Ideas"

Earlier this year, Paul Krugman published an op-ed in the New York Times discussing his perspective that “Politicians Don’t Need New Ideas”. Within it, he elaborates that unlike companies which need to produce new and appearing products, the realm of politics should rely on what is best and tested and not necessarily clamor for “the new”. This week, we’re joined by Sam Whipple to discuss the public expectation that politicians bring fresh thoughts and plans to the table. Where do we anticipate and accept new ideas in our society? How does an intellectual need for instant gratification complicate the process of reflection and consideration?

Episode 209: "But My Black Friend Said..."

As issues surrounding race remain painful, complicated and contentious in our society, there are ways in which beliefs and behaviors bubble to the surface, unanticipated. To hone in on a specific topic, this week we’re joined by Charneil Bush to discuss a tendency of referring to one’s black friend and the social pass often presumed within that relationship. How do topics of trust and race manifest in a true friendship? How do pressures or expectations of friendship limit discussions of sensitive issues? How do societal dynamics play out even in private, interpersonal settings?

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