Q: What do you talk about?

A: Stride and Saunter breaks down and explores topics in areas focused on human thought, behavior and interaction with the various elements of our world. We discuss the social and the personal, as well as the scholarly and the informal. Apart from our personal preferences, we will eagerly feature topics and ideas suggested by you, our listeners!

Q: Where should I start?

A: To get the best sense of our aims and approach, our inaugural episode would work well (as would those posted on our first, second, third or fourth anniversaries). But because we tackle a wide array of topics, check out our indexes (Year IYear IIYear III and Year IV) and see what catches your eye! Listener favorites have included: Episode 107: Appreciating Strangers, Episode 102: The Accelerated Audio Mentality, Episode 101: Purity Balls, Episode 100: For the "Weird", Episode 94: A Friendship of Mutual Challenges, Episode 89: "This is Water", Episode 83: The War Against Milk, Episode 69: Whole Foods, Race and the Englewood Food Desert and Episode 63: "Don't Stay in School".

Q: Where can we download the podcast?

A: We are working to have our podcast available in an array of formats so you have easy, consistent and clear access to our show. Currently, we post episodes on this site (where you can download episodes individually) as well as on Apple Podcasts under the "Society & Culture" section. The podcast can also be found alongside other podcasts on Stitcher, Google Play and other sites where podcasts are shared.

Q: How do you envision listener participation?

A: We want our listeners to have the same freedom of opinion and of voice which we have decided to pursue for ourselves. We welcome different opinions and critical approaches to our material and we hope you will share your thoughts and impressions of our show, whatever they might be. Our only request is that you not express any vulgar, hateful or derogatory feelings towards us or any of our listeners.

Q: How can listeners help the show?

A: If you enjoy the show, we'd always love topics suggestions from you. We would also appreciate it if you shared the show with others you who might enjoy our conversations. Lastly, we have a Patreon page if you'd like to receive perks like bonus episodes in exchange for your support.

Q: When will you release episodes?

A: We release an episode every Wednesday at 8:30 EST. This schedule may change in response to our personal schedules and the time we have available to sufficiently record, edit and review our show and the opinions of our listeners.

Q: How long are your episodes?

A: Episode lengths vary. Most episodes are around 20 - 30 minutes, but we also produce longer, 45 minutes - 1 hour episodes on occasion.