Episode 118: The Lens, The Stranger - Insomnia

Though our modern era is filled with sleeplessness and poorly-rested citizens, not all of us suffer from the condition of insomnia, which heavily impedes one's ability to sleep. Because sleep is so essential to our bodily and mental health, it plays a clear role in our survival and success as people. As a result, insomnia presents a curious case of the unnatural - holding us just out of reach of one layer of human behavior and habit. This week, we welcome C.J. Clinkscales, who has chronically dealt with insomnia, to discuss his thoughts. In what ways does insomnia create an element of artificiality? Why might it make us feel unnatural or monstrous? What do we learn about our thought patterns when we're left alone with them for hours in this vulnerable state? And how can we incorporate it into our unproductive views of "heroic" sleep deprivation?

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