Episode 91: "Today, We Graduate"

Old Kenyon, we are like Kokosing,
Obedient to some strange spell,
Which urges us from all reposing;
Farewell, Old Kenyon,
Fare thee well.

And yet we are not like Kokosing,
Which beareth naught upon its swell
But foam of motion’s own composing;
Farewell, Old Kenyon,
Fare thee well.
— An excerpt from the Kokosing Farewell, one of Kenyon's traditional songs.

Today, as we graduate, we say goodbye to Kenyon College, where this podcast began and where so many voices and thoughts have been recorded in the past two years. To honor our graduating class and to demonstrate the variety of experiences and perspectives, we asked for written submissions from our fellow seniors, which we read aloud. As this episode posts, we are walking across the stage, receiving our diplomas and swimming in the endless tides of memories, feelings and thoughts both nostalgic and forward-looking. Our thanks to our wonderful listeners, as well as to those who contributed to this composite of narratives. To the graduating Class of 2016: Congratulations! - Kip and Caroline

Our thanks to Alex Piper, Thomas Loughney, Chace Beech, Lucy Evert, Marie Laube, Timmy Broderick, Jinexa Nuñez, Gabe Brison-Trezise, Sam Whipple, Katy Santa Maria, Annaliese Milano, Lucy Iselin and Anna Yukevich for their submissions.