Episode 95: Why the Gun?

When my kids started preschool, the teachers had to take away all the fake bananas because all the boys would pick them up and pretend that they were guns. Boys find sticks to play swords and anything that looks like a gun to shoot. It’s just inside of them. It’s who they are.
— Dean Norris
Yes, people pull the trigger - but guns are the instrument of death. Gun control is necessary, and delay means more death and horror.
— Eliot Spitzer

As Americans, we are often faced with news stories regarding mass shootings, fatal accidents and attacks involving guns. The issue has been heavily politicized, discussed and argued, but as a result, we have stopped thinking about why the gun appeals to so many. That's why we spoke with Alex Piper this week, to theorize about the ubiquitous weapon's appeal and relationship to humanity. We discuss the gun as a means of freedom and independence, both personally and politically. As a product of design and engineering, is the gun most powerful as a symbol? Why do some regard guns with fear while others relish and appreciate the gun as a tool?