Episode 127: For Non-Gamers — Let's Play Controversies

In the 21st century, many content creation tools are increasingly accessible and user-friendly. As a result, platforms like YouTube have become especially popular as means of distributing music, news commentary and other video content. Fans of video games have gravitated towards "Let's Plays" which feature extensive playthroughs of games that are popular, fascinating or under the radar altogether. This week, Phoebe Lewis returns to help us examine the gray area surrounding Let's Plays. They represent content created by video game developers but altered by gameplay and additional commentary and information. Why do we judge those who watch gamers and not those who watch sports or other reproducible events? Do creators have a right to claim revenue and ownership of this new multimedia product? Is it an authentic means of advertising an interesting product? How can our understanding of video games as non-linear media be applied to creations like films and books which often have a straightforward means of consumption?