Episode 180: Ecosystems of Information

This president, like President Obama, will be out of office some day...But this information ecosystem, this is going to be around for the rest of our lives. And I find that more alarming than any particular policy or politician or anything that’s happening right now.
— Ira Glass, speaking at Third Coast on November 11, 2017.

With an increasingly connected and technologically-developed world, we might expect humanity to share and spread information similarly. But we do not all receive, express or process the same information as our peers. What's more, many of us disregard information that does not agree with our previously held standards and beliefs. This week, we explore a concept described by Ira Glass at Third Coast 2017 as "information ecosystems". How does an ecosystem as an analogy help us to conceptualize the flow of information and ideas? How can we expand and intermingle ecosystems which operate independently of one another? How can we move beyond our own information ecosystems to experience more nuanced perspectives?