Episode 18: Percussion

The thing about playing percussion is that you can create all these emotions that can be sometimes beautiful, sometimes really ugly, or sometimes sweet, sometimes as big as King Kong and so on. And so there can be a real riot out there, or it can be so refined.
— Evelyn Glennie

In this episode we welcome our second guest, Samuel Adam Graf, who was kind enough to speak with us about his experiences with percussion, and his thoughts on the topic.

Episode 14: Censorship

The only valid censorship of ideas is the right of people not to listen.
— Tommy Smothers
Censorship is saying: ‘I’m the one who says the last sentence. Whatever you say, the conclusion is mine.’ But the internet is like a tree that is growing. The people will always have the last word - even if someone has a very weak, quiet voice. Such power will collapse because of a whisper.
— Ai Weiwei

In this episode we welcome our first guest and friend of the show, Armand Hernandez, who wanted us to discuss ideas surrounding censorship. We actually cover self-censorship, some of the benefits of censorship and what we learn about those that restrain or withhold certain ideas.