Episode 31: Violence in Video Games

One of the problems in this field is that people confuse aggression and violence. Some research will call sort of a competitiveness-type aggression as equivalent to violence in the real world. There is absolutely no evidence that any video game or violent movie for that matter has ever caused a real-world violent act.
— Cheryl Olson, Harvard Medical School
No one is suggesting that [violent video games are] the only reason they went out and committed those horrific acts, but was it a tipping point? Was it something that pushed them over the edge? Was it a factor in that? Perhaps. That’s a really big deal.
— Jim Steyer, Common Sense Media.

Often a source of criticism and concern, we wanted to discuss how violence in video games affects our opinions of their entertainment value. We also examine violence as it relates to American culture, what we are willing to tolerate or embrace and actions we do not tend to code as "violent" in nature.