Episode 227: The Fear of Failure

We are each motivated by a bevy of ideas, instincts and influences around us. Some of us have dreams of changing the world while others want to attempt the impossible and still others hope for happiness and humility first and foremost. But what about the downfalls that we avoid in both thought and action? This week, we welcome Eric Cunningham to examine the fear of failure. How does it prevent us from reaching further? Why does it persist? How do others instill it within us?

Episode 225: The Wrong Route of Dreaming

In our youth (and often in adulthood), we're asked what we want to be when we grow up. How crucial might "what" be in that framing of our futures and the approach we encourage young people to take? Does it focus primarily on an occupation as a destination rather than a lifestyle or set of values to uphold? This week, we welcome Matt DiBiase to help explore the concept. Do we see this question as a comfortable form of simplicity, easily digestible for young minds? How might these early conceptions of life influence someone’s future experiences?

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Episode 222: A Pale Blue Launch I

What would you send into outer space to commemorate Earth and humanity, to a potential audience of alien life? This week, we begin a new interview series to tackle that question. In each entry, we’ll interview someone about the five objects - with a stipulation - they would place in a space capsule to launch into the starry beyond. For our inaugural episode, we spoke with Leland Holcomb about the five objects that he would launch - all of which had to contain glass.

Episode 218: To Trust with Power

In the realm of humanity, our world is often dictated by those who have power and how they wield it around the less-powerful. But are there individuals with whom we can trust power more readily than others? This week, Sam Whipple joins us to explore how the collective places faith or suspicion on those in power. How do we discern and describe moral or just leadership in contrast to people in “wrongful” power? Are individuals who least want power the ones we could most trust to wield it carefully?

Episode 205: Canbeam

Language has a clear impact not only on how others perceive and react to us, but on how we treat and see ourselves. What are our internal narratives of who we are and how we live? How do linguistic distinctions affect these perceptions? This week, we welcome Dan Farina to explore one such verbal line: the difference between using "can be" and "am". How do these and associated terms represent a spectrum of being? Where does language fail to capture the nuances and potential within lived experience?