Episode 231: Rejection, Overheard

Of the many great, palpable fears that connect us as human beings, the fear of rejection is high among them. But how often do we have the strange experience of learning why we were rejected? This week, we welcome Ian Cooper to explore and review these ideas as their described by popular YouTuber, Hank Green. Do we ultimately want to know these humbling reasons? Do they help us to grow? How does rejection change when it’s done anonymously?

Episode 227: The Fear of Failure

We are each motivated by a bevy of ideas, instincts and influences around us. Some of us have dreams of changing the world while others want to attempt the impossible and still others hope for happiness and humility first and foremost. But what about the downfalls that we avoid in both thought and action? This week, we welcome Eric Cunningham to examine the fear of failure. How does it prevent us from reaching further? Why does it persist? How do others instill it within us?

Episode 226: The Struggles of Rural America

Recent years have illuminated many of the divides and differences within American society and culture. In particular, as citizens around the world are predicted to congregate in cities in coming decades, rural populations are worthy of consideration and conversation. This week, we welcome Gabe Brison-Trezise to discuss some of the difficulties facing the inhabitants of rural America. From occupational challenges and shifts in cultural attitudes to birth rates and economic pitfalls, there are numerous struggles to contend with. How do literal distances complicate empathy for those living in vastly different ways? What steps can be taken to limit social differences?

Episode 223: Zootopia

Released in 2016 to critical and commercial success, Zootopia tells the story of rabbit Judy Hopps in her evolving dream to police the streets of the the titular animal metropolis. Along the way, she forms a partnership with the cunning fox, Nick Wilde. While the film may have catered to younger audiences in its animation style, the strong, articulate commentary it makes on race and racism remains its most impressive feat. This week, we’re joined by Charneil Bush to discuss and review this film that is just as much creative fun as it is earnest reflection. Does an animated film succeed where more raw calls for conversation won’t? How does art help us relate to the world with more compassion, clarity and patience?

Episode 208: The Chains of Privacy

When we consider the concept of "privacy," we typically imagine what we do or do not share or reveal to the world. But in an increasingly digital and interconnected world, the idea of privacy bears more heavily in communal or mutual spaces than it may have in the past. This week, we welcome Ian Fox to explore how interwoven the idea of privacy has become in modern society. What do recent scandals and revelations teach us about privacy as it relates to courtesy and compassion? What do the topics we want to keep private reveal about us?

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